Saturday, 23 November 2013

Home decor dilemma

I have been thinking about buying a new TV unit, since we moved house in May, but... I still haven't  decided what I should go for. At the moment, we have a white unit with pine accents, but with a toddler around, the matte finish gets dirty easily and I have to paint it every month! It's crazy! I wanted to go for a white glossy unit this time, but my husband doesn't like this style at all. It's very frustrating and I simply cannot decide what to get.

After browsing the net for hours and showing my husband different options, we decided on one thing - solid wood! We had a bad experience with a unit made of cheap materials (it was a really expensive one too) and we will never make the same mistake again! Solid oak, pine or walnut wood is definitely the best option. I know that prices of good quality TV units can be scary, but investing a well made piece is the best idea.

I found a couple of designs from  Furniture Plus Online that I really like, but I am not sure which style to go for. The two lighter units below are made of solid oak and the light colour of the wood would go perfectly with our living room decor, but... the dark walnut unit with curved edges (last photo) has more character and looks quite unique. The only problem with the dark walnut unit is the width- we need something big (like the first design) to look good with a 50 inch TV screen and two big speakers. Speaking of the surround sound- it is pine coloured, so the unit should probably match it. I am in a real pickle right now and I can't seem to find a perfect option. 

So here is my question: What wood colour would you go for? Forget the pine surround sound- we can get rid of it :) 
RRP £1,390 Now £695
RRP £1,118 Now £559

Shiro Walnut Low TV Cabinet
RRP £538 Now £269

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  1. I love the shape on the middle one - it's interesting to look at.

    Jazzie x

  2. I love light pine colored furniture. I think it really brightens up a room.


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