Sunday, 7 July 2013

Things to see: Jesus Christ Superstar

Believe it or not, but... I have never seen a musical live! Shocking, I know :) I watch them on TV and DVD and really enjoy them, but... booking tickets to see one live, never crossed my mind. Before having a baby, I was always too busy working and since I became a mum - I don't have time for anything! I used to go to gigs very often, but the last time I saw one of my favourite bands live was in 2010. I am dying to go to a concert or to see a musical!

One of the most popular musicals ever is "Jesus Christ Superstar". It debuted on Broadway in 1972 and became a worldwide phenomenon, released in 42 countries  in 19 different languages. Jesus Christ Superstar portrays the story of the last seven days of Christ, ending with his crucifixion. 

The show returns to UK in 2013 and it was rescheduled from Wednesday 13 March to Sunday 13 October 2013 due to the enormous demand across the globe. The only venue for March was the O2 Arena in London, but after rescheduling the show to October, two other venues have been added, including Leeds Arena (04.10.13) and Glasgow Hydro (01.10.13). 

You can buy Jesus Christ Superstar tickets (for the London show) from TheO2 website.

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