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Spinlash Rotating Mascara Review


I have always been intrigued by unusual beauty tools and mascara with a rotating brush was on the top of my "to try" list. I love makeup and gadgets, so I was really excited to use this product. Spinlash promises "superb results" and "beautiful lashes in just seconds",but ... does it really work? Let's find out.

First of all, Spinlash is very affordable and costs just under £10.00. You get a small mascara attachment in the kit, but you can also use the rotating brush with your favourite mascara. For this review and the before and after photos, I used the mascara included in the set. It is surprisingly easy to use and the results are actually not that bad. You simply dip the brush into the cap filled with mascara (or your current mascara), position the brush close to the base of your lashes and press the appropriate button/arrow. You have to coat the upper lashes  upwards (from base to ends) and  lower lashes downwards (from base to ends). I was worried that I might poke my eyes or do something stupid, but my first experience was ok. If you use the brush the right way, the mascara will be applied evenly and the lashes will be separated and non clumpy. I made a mistake once and pressed the wrong arrow for my upper lashes and they ended up clumpy, so make sure to press the right arrow. 

The mascara included in the set isn't waterproof, so not ideal for hot weather, but it should be ok for colder months. The formula is hypoallergenic, not tested on animals and suitable for contact lens wearers. My lashes are naturally very flat, but as you can see on the photos below, the brush managed to curl the lashes and add volume and length. I am quite happy with the results and I like the effect I can achieve with Spinlash. One coat gives my lashes the perfect amount of volume for an everyday look and two coats give a more dramatic effect. 

I can't really judge the lasting power or smudging of the Spinlash Mascara, because all non-waterproof products simply melt in the heat we experienced in UK in the past few weeks. The rotating brush is a great little invention and I used it with a waterproof formula to see the effects and it worked perfectly fine. You can wash the brush easily to keep it clean and free from bacteria and the rotating mechanism is very simple, so it should work perfectly for years - you will need new batteries obviously :)

On the photos below, you can see the effect you can achieve with the Spinlash Mascara, with one and two coats. PS. I am not wearing any makeup, except the mascara.

Pictures on the left (with both eyes) show you the difference between using the mascara without the rotating feature (left eye) and with the rotating feature(right eye). You can see that the eyelashes on the left eye look more clumpy and the lashes on the right eye are more separated,especially with one coat.
The photo on the right shows my lashes with no mascara and with one and two coats of Spinlash.

Overall, I am pleasantly surprised with the Spinlash Rotating Mascara and I really enjoy using it.  I creates nice volume and helps to separate the lashes.  The brush can be used with your favourite mascara as well, which is great if you prefer waterproof formulas. I am not in love or absolutely amazed with Spinlash, but it is a nice product and I would happily pay £9.95 for it, because I will be able to use the rotating brush for a very long time.

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*this review is sponsored, but my opinion  is 100% honest. 

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  1. This looks so interesting and it's great to know that it is affordable! :) x

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  2. looks good! something different :)

  3. I'd love to give this a go just because it looks so interesting!

  4. woah thats some tool ;)
    effect is looks real good tho :)

  5. Ahh I always need to try out these gimmicky mascaras and beauty products, I need one haha x

  6. Wow! This looks super cool! I think I may try one =] Thanks heaps! xx.


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