Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Life: Being thankful...

I wasn't planning to write this post at all, but I felt an urge to share my thoughts. Yesterday I celebrated my 26th birthday and I must admit - it made me appreciate the fact that I am alive and healthy. I am thankful for everything I have, especially my family and my beautiful baby boy. 

Today I was crying my eyes out, when I found out about Talia's death. Stories like this break my heart and I want to scream: Why??? It is so unfair. She was just a child and she did not deserve to die. An innocent 13 year old girl, who went through so much pain, but still managed to inspire millions of people allover the world! My heart goes out to her family and friends and I cannot imagine what they feel right now...

On the 13th of July, Cory Montheith (Glee star) was found dead... It is devastating, especially for his girlfriend Lea. They seemed so happy together. I just found out  his cause of death - lethal mix of heroin and alcohol.  Ok... it's an addiction, but I cannot understand why would anyone take drugs like heroin in the first place? It's shocking! His family and girlfriend lost him forever, because of drugs.... I have no words... It's really sad.

A 13 year old dies of cancer and a 31 year old dies because he overdosed heroin... It breaks my heart.... Talia didn't have a choice. She was diagnosed with cancer. Cory had a choice and chose drugs. We will never know why...It's very upsetting and hard to understand... What I am trying to say is... Please respect your life! Don't take drugs, don't damage your body! We only have one life and we should appreciate it. We should feel lucky to be alive.

I am thankful for being alive, for being healthy and happy. I don't know what the future holds for me or my family, but I am grateful for every minute I get to spend with my baby boy, for every smile and hug. 

What are your thoughts? 

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