Monday, 24 June 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday Zachary!

Exactly two years ago, I became a mum. It was the best feeling in the world! My beautiful baby boy was born and made me the happiest person on the planet! Today is Zachary's 2nd birthday and I cannot imagine my life without my precious little angel! He makes me smile every single day, loves me unconditionally and cuddles me, when I am upset. He is the most loving and sensitive boy I have ever met and I share every day/hour/minute of my life with him! Writing this post makes me really emotional and I am crying with happy tears :) I love him soooo much! 

Happy Birthday Zachary! You are my miracle! xo

I wasn't sure about sharing the photo below, but it is the most precious reminder of Zachary's birth :')

Born 7 minutes before midnight on the 24 of June 2011 :)
40 weeks pregnant :)

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  1. Awww! Happy Birthday to Zachary! May God bless you both! <3

    Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  2. such a sweet post!Happy birthday Zachary xx

  3. Aww so adorable Happy Birthday and May God Bless him alwasy :)


  4. Aww, happy birthday wee man! Xo

  5. What a sweet post! Children are so wonderful. I wish a very happy birthday to your little Zachary, and I hope he has many, many more happy days with you to come! These pictures are too precious.

    ♥ Em from Mascara Warrior

  6. <3 happy happy bday cutie pie <3

  7. Aw he's such a cutie!! I hope he's had a wonderful birthday!! Xx.

  8. Happy Birthday to your gorgeous Zachary, and thank you for sharing such a precious and personal post. x

  9. Best mum, cutest boy! Congratulations! :D

  10. Awww gorgeous photo, he's such a cutie! :) x


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