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Guest post: Top tips for dying your hair auburn

When I used to dye my hair, the only brand I always trusted, was Nice 'n Easy. I've tried their blonde shades, browns and reds and they always looked incredible! That's why I accepted this guest post, with top tips from Nice 'n Easy for dying your hair auburn. I must admit... I am tempted to buy one of their kits and change my hair colour right now :)

Guest post: Top tips for dying your hair auburn

"Move over blondes and brunettes, there’s a new hair colour in town: auburn. This gorgeous hair colour is set to be a huge trend throughout the rest of 2013 and although red hues have been popular for the past 12 months or so, this year people are toning down the harsh and bright red tones in favour of a more subtle auburn colour.

Forget about the fake bright reds and oranges sported by Rihanna, Cher Lloyd and Hayley Williams; you’ll want the soft coppery colour of Amy Adams or the dark auburn pulled off brilliantly by Emma Stone. Auburn has never been tipped to be so popular, so make sure you get it right by following these helpful hints.

Think about skin tone

There are two main shades of auburn; light and dark. The shade that suits you will largely depend upon your skin tone.

Those with a medium skin colour have got it fairly easy as they will suit nearly every single shade of auburn and are free to choose whatever they like. However, if you’ve got dark or olive skin, stick to the darker shades to avoid looking too fake. Those with lighter skin will almost always want a light auburn colour to prevent them looking washed out.

Blonde to auburn

Who says blondes have more fun? Whilst this may have been a commonly held opinion in the past, nowadays it is red heads who rule the roost and many former blondes are thrilled with beautiful dark auburn hair. Touching up the roots to stop your natural golden locks shining through will give a more natural look too.

Brunette to auburn

If you’ve got a mousey brown, light or medium brown hair colour then you won’t have too much trouble dying your hair auburn and it will be less obvious when the colour grows out. However, those with really dark hair will struggle to achieve the colour they want and may need to bleach or lighten their hair first before the colour will stick.

Hitting the bottle

Unless you are changing your hair colour from a very dark brown to auburn, you shouldn’t have any problems dying your hair at home. It’s important to choose a good brand of hair dye and one that delivers deep long-lasting colour. Nice 'n easy perfect 10 is the quickest and easiest way to get luxurious and glossy hair colour; it takes just 10 minutes but lasts up to 60 days for the perfect option."

*post in association with Nice 'n Easy

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