Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Perfect Summer Bag: Mint Green Tote

I have been looking for a nice mint green bag since last summer and I finally managed to get my mitts on this beaut a couple of weeks ago. Oh my... I am in love with the shape, the colour, the details. It is PERFECT! 

I have a similar bag in red already and I wear it all the time, so I knew that this mint tote* will be loved! 
To be honest... I have been wearing it with everything lately and I bought mint shoes to go with it :) 

It isn't a large bag and it is much smaller than the red one I have, but it is big enough for a makeup bag, an iPad, a wallet and some bits and bobs. You can see a picture of the inside on the photos below. 

The bag is made with good quality, faux leather and features gold detailing (zip etc). It looks very expensive in person and I would love to own it in lilac and pastel yellow. 

You can buy it from www.oasap.com for $64 and the mint/green option is still available.

PS. Have you noticed that the bag matches my wall? :) haha. I have a mint green obsession!

*I  used store credit and  my own money to pay for the bag 

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  1. LOVE at first sight! I love it, stunning!!!!

  2. Such a gorgeous bag! I'm loving mint at the moment and this is just so pretty for the Summer :) xx


  3. Loveit so much, amazing color! xoxox


  4. OMG! I own a Black with Yellow detailing Tote like yours but the Mint version... *swoon*
    I'll be favorite-ing the page with payday not too far away might treat myself =]
    such a gorgeous find!

    Stefy ♥ x
    Fashion + Beauty
    TWEET ME! @stefpuglisevich

  5. The shape isn't my style, but I do like the colour!

  6. OMG!!i love this bag :D it's beautiful! the colour & size are just perfect for me :D
    & £64 does sound pricey but i would defo get my money's worth out of it, even if it matched or didn't match my outfits it's perfect for summer :D

    also Accessorize have some similar ones to this size of bag & colour for roughly £20 cheaper :) so i may have a browse at them & wish i could i buy them all haha :P

  7. I'm in love with the shape too - structured and ladylike. Plus, the mint color is perfect for summer. Great bag. Thanks for sharing.

  8. What a gorgeous bag..lovely shape and seems quiet big (I am obsessed with big bags) and of course lovely springy colour :)

    Ila x

  9. wow it is beautiful bag <3

  10. Love it, anything in mint and I'm all over it :)
    Daniella x


  11. I definitely have a mint green obsession as well! The lilac color sounds pretty too :)

  12. Such a gorgeous bag, I love the design. Xo

  13. OH MY DAYS this is like my perfect bag, why oh why did I have to see this post?? I need this bag now! :o

    Amy| The Little Koala Blog BLOG SALE NOW ON! ♥

  14. This is beautiful. It's one of my favourite colours! Xx


  15. Adore this bag!! :) xx


  16. I love it! perfect for the season to come !


  17. I love the color. It is structured like the Celine bag which I love more! Thanks for sharing, will definitely have to check this out at that price.


  18. omg I love it! looks exactly like the infamous CELINE bags! I have to get my hands on one!


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