Sunday, 19 May 2013

May Magazine Freebies!

I don't read many magazines, but I always buy them to get some amazing free products! 
I am only subscribed to Glamour and Zest (it was a gift) at the moment.

There is one thing that annoys me about Glamour. I never get any freebies with my subscription! It means that I have to buy another copy of the same magazine in the shop to take advantage of the offer. It is a bit unfair in my opinion. I will unsubscribe after the 6 month period. Rant over :) Let's crack on with the good stuff. If you haven't picked up those amazing bargains yet, it is not too late. My local shops don't usually stock Harpers Bazaar etc, but I got a copy when I was dropping my sister off at the airport.

You can still get your hands on a free 50ml REN Moroccan Rose Otto Body Cream with Harpers Bazaar (£4.20). I use it as a hand cream as well - perfect size to keep in your handbag.

 With Marie Claire (£3.80) you have a choice between an Avon lipstick, eyeliner or brow definer + a BB Cream Sample. I picked up the lipstick and it is lovely. 

The last magazine I bought was Elle (£4.00), with a free mini Benefit They're Real Mascara. I haven't tried it yet, but I hope it lives up to the hype.

I was also planning to pick up a copy of In-Style to get some Nails Inc nail polishes, but my collection is far too big already so I managed to resist :)

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  1. You can get some great stuff free with mags :)

    Amy| The Little Koala Blog ♥

  2. It's amazing the things you can get free in magazines!
    love the benefit mascara.

    FashionProject x

  3. I got my brother to bring me magazines (he's visiting at the moment), a couple for this very reason. I got Instyle for the peach polish (love the color - pic on my blog now) and Elle for the benefit even though I have the full size anyway, I thought the sample was worth it for keeping in my handbag :)

    I really miss the free samples, and English magazines in general!

    Hope you've had a lovely weekend doll :)

    Amelia @! :) xxx

  4. I'm also subscribed to company, who don't often have free gifts but I don't get them when they do! Very annoying.

    I picked up Elle for They're Real too and I'm loving it so far!

  5. I always pick magazines based on the freebies haha! I adore the Benefit mascara so hopefully you'll like it :) xx

  6. I always pick a magazine based on the freebies haha. I love the Benefit mascara so hopefully you will too :) xx

  7. Wow, you got some pretty nice products! We don't really get samples with magazines in Italy :(


  8. Really want to try Benefit They're Real :) Let us know how you like it!

  9. I personally wasnt a fan of the Benefit mascara, it was nice but not worth £18.50:) x

  10. It's always good when your favourite mascara comes free with a magazine! :) xx

  11. We don't get any samples with our magazines in the US! You guys are so lucky!

  12. Really wanted the try They're real for ages! So glad you pointed this out because I always miss the best freebies!

  13. Free samples with magazines... what!? That's fun, I have never seen that before here.

  14. Congratssssssssssss to your husband! I know it is his bday today too! Like mine!!!:)

  15. I picked these up to, so disappointed with they're real!

  16. Love when mags give away beauty freebies, I'd have loved to have got the avon brow definer or lipstick!

    Jasmine | xxx


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