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Guest post and my thoughts on cosmetic surgery.

Hi everyone. Today's post is a little bit different. You might know that I am currently on a weight loss journey. Normally, I would be looking forward to a nice body at the end, but during my first pregnancy, my skin stretched far too much. I never had a single stretch mark on my body until the third trimester, but in the final stage I blew up to an enormous size! Seriously... You would have thought I was carrying triplets. I ended up covered with stretch marks, because my skin couldn't handle such a drastic change.

Anyway... After giving birth to my son, I realised that my body is not going to look the same ever again. I have a lot of weight to lose and I will definitely have a lot of excess skin once I reach my goal weight. That's why I am already considering a tummy tuck. I am not in any rush obviously and I still want to have another baby (or two), but once I am sure that our family is complete, I will definitely consider cosmetic surgery. If you asked me about it before I had a baby, I would have said NO, but seeing my stomach postpartum made me change my mind. I don't think I will be lucky enough to get my body back in shape without surgery, so it is something I have been researching for a while. I might even consider liposuction, but I am not sure yet. I was thinking about it before my wedding, because no matter what I did, how much I dieted and exercised, I had stubborn layers of fat in certain areas of my body. It is natural to have different body shape, but when you have a non existing waist, even as a size 8, it is very depressing.

When I was asked if I would like to feature a guest post about cosmetic surgery, I agreed right away. It is a subject I am interested in and I know that many of my readers might find it interesting. The post is about liposuction and you can find out why people choose to have it done etc.

Could liposuction be the right option for you?
Eating the right foods and working out on a regular basis can leave you in tip-top shape, but sometimes a little extra help is needed. Liposuction at a Transform clinic can remove stubborn layers of fat that are resistant to dieting and weight loss, however, it’s important to weigh up your options carefully before going down the surgical route.
If you’re thinking about having work done, it’s normal to be inquisitive about all elements of the procedure, so take a look at these frequently asked questions professionally answered by Transform surgeon Mr Shahab Mahdi:
What should I look for when choosing a surgeon?
With celebrities having a nip here and a tummy tuck there, cosmetic surgery can seem frivolous – but it’s essential to take things seriously. Choosing the right surgeon is of paramount importance so make sure they are registered with the General Medical Council and check their qualifications and credentials. For peace of mind, ask how many times they perform liposuction surgery each year and if they can show you before and after pictures – a good surgeon won’t be afraid of questions.
How do you assess if I’m suitable for liposuction?
Before opting for this procedure, you must understand that liposuction is not a weight loss treatment. It’s a body contouring technique that’s used to banish stubborn bulges of fat that are resistant to other methods such as diet and exercise. Ideally you will be within your ideal weight range, have a good skin tone and be prepared to maintain the results by working out and eating sensibly.
How much fat can I expect to lose?
Liposuction is not about volume or weight of fat removed, it’s about body shaping. The surgeon aims to remove excess fat from localised pockets in order to achieve a good contour and will talk you through each step during a pre-surgery consultation.
Will I bruise and when will I see my final results?
Bruising after liposuction is normal and goes within two to three weeks after surgery, if not before. You’ll see an improvement almost straight away, but when the healing process starts, you may find the area goes hard and lumpy. This will settle within six to eight weeks and skin tone will continue to improve for up to six months.
What happens if something goes wrong?
In the unlikely event of complications you need to get in touch with your hospital immediately. At Transform, we own our own hospitals so patients can speak to our Resident Medical Officer 24 hours a day. This may not be the case with other providers or if you have your operation abroad.
Why do people choose to have liposuction?
There are many reasons why people have liposuction surgery at a Transform clinic, but patient testimonials can give an insight into their decision and backstory. Hayley Lipson Kelly, 31 from Manchester opted to have liposuction before her wedding day and has described how it changed her life. Here’s what she had to say:
‘I’d struggled with my weight from the age of 20’
These days, many women worry about how they will look when it’s their turn to walk down the aisle. For Kelly, this was a real concern and one of the reasons she chose to have liposuction: “My wedding was coming up and despite years of endless diets and exercise, the excess on my stomach just wouldn’t budget. Holidays were a nightmare – the thought of wearing a bikini on the beach, or even being photographed made me shiver.”
‘I didn’t want my wedding ruined’
Instead of letting her body image ruin her magical moment, she decided to take the “plunge” and started looking into liposuction with Transform. She said: “The team there were amazing – everyone was open, honest and professional and a special mention must go to my surgeon, Mr Netri, as well as being just lovely, he made me feel 100 per cent safe at all times. Seeing pictures of his past patients and results put me at total ease.
‘I knew I’d made the right decision’
Before surgery you might wonder if you’ve made the right decision, but Hayley was more than pleased with the outcome: “The results were better than I’d dared hope for… and my wedding day? Just perfect! I even enjoyed the walk down the aisle in my beautiful dress (which I’d been dreading!). Post wedding, I’m happier than ever and my baggy clothes have been consigned to the back of the wardrobe!”
Transform offers a wide range of surgical procedures, so visit our website for more information.


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  1. I don't see why people have such a problem with plastic surgery, its such a personal thing and I think if it will make people happy, then they should go for it! xx

    1. I totally agree with you.

    2. I agree with charlotte too! In my observation, when people are dieting and then get tired of it-because they don't see too much results-they tend to eat much again which causes them too be fatter than before dieting. Liposuction is just so good that it'll help people to be confident. You are beautiful and will look stunningly gorgeous with the shape that you want, go for it! I can't wait too see how you look like ;)

  2. i think its each to their own! I would get definitely get lipo, but i'm too worried that something would go wrong.

    1. If I decide to go for the tummy tuck ( I am sure I will ), I will be really, really scared. I always freak out about things like this.

  3. I've wanted a certain type of plastic surgery since I was 16/17. I'm now 20 and I'm going to wait another few years or so to make sure that I really want it and it's worth the risks :) I think that as long as the individual has thought long and hard about the procedure, and are doing it for themselves (and are of sound mind!) then it's ok :)

    Amy| The Little Koala Blog ♥

    1. I would wait a few more years, but you will know if it is the right thing to do.

      My sister in law had plastic surgery and everything went fine. She is now more confident and happier with her body.

  4. If surgery can make someone happy I say go for it. If they had a miracle for stretch marks I'd be all over it! My daughter is 8 & mine are still as big & bright as when I had her. I've learned to accept them though. I mean they're proof that I grew a human. How cool is that?! =)

    1. Oh, stretch marks don't really bother me, I am used to them now :)
      The excess skin is my problem. I went from a size 14/16 to a size 24/26 in nine months.
      I am trying to lose weight slowly, to give my skin time to shrink, but I am afraid that it won't happen.
      That's the only reason why I am considering a tummy tuck.

  5. It's a really touchy subject for a lot of people and I like your honesty. I have been thinking about a nose reshaping for a while now, it's a big step and you need to make sure you are 100% sure.
    Check out my blog

    Lauren xx

    1. It really is a touchy subject. I have a lot of time to think about it, plan it, save up for it.
      If I am still 100% sure about it after having another baby, I will definitely go for it.

  6. I don't know what you received in exchange for this sponsored post, but this is... I'm finding it hard to phrase this politely. This post cheapens your blog. If you want to write about your own liposuction experiences (if you have any - or is that what you're getting in exchange?) or thoughts honestly and without censorship, and someone wants to pay you for that, great. Go for it! But you basically just posted completely one-sided advertising as a 'guest post' (it's not a guest post, it's an advert) which portrays a surgical procedure as though it has no risks or downsides. Which is completely untrue - despite its possible benefits, liposuction has risks and downsides. This is really irresponsible, and this advert damages the trust I had in your blog. I don't care at all if you or anyone else actually HAS liposction, but to spread this hard-sell misinformation is both unethical and bad editorial policy.

    1. I got paid to write my opinion and include the q&a from the clinic. The person I spoke to made it clear that they want me to include my thoughts , so that's exactly what I did. If I was against cosmetic surgery, I would have said it. I would never consider a boob job for example. Any surgery has risks and if somebody decides to go for it they will definitely research it properly. It was my choice to write about it and I agreed because I am planning this procedure myself in the future.

      Thanks for your comment anyway. It is good to hear criticism sometimes.

  7. Hello Sandra ! I have just found out about your blog couple days ago and been checking most of your old entries. I'm loving all the pretty things you talk about !!

    Regarding plastic surgery, i remember looking for ways to get rid of my horrible stretch marks and if plastic surgery could do it then i would have been ready for it ! However, i forgot about it very fast since i'm too scared of any kind of surgery actually haha and being only 23 and no kids yet i'm quite sure my body will lead many more wars so i'll leave it in peace !

    Hugs from Morocco.

    1. Oh, thank you :)

      Stretch marks aren't that bad in my opinion :) but they can be a very sensitive subject for some people.
      They should become less visible with time though , so don't worry :) x

  8. This is a great post and very eye opening! Its a subject lots of people avoid talking about because they are afraid people will judge them. I disagree with the comment above about how they have lost trust in your blog. It has actually made me feel I can relate to you so much more. We are only human in wanting to change our imperfections. In regards to being paid for the post, you have worked hard in creating in blog why should you not get credit for it?




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