Thursday, 25 April 2013

Gabor Handbags from Mozimo

I am a handbag addict. It is a fact. If they were my only obsession, everything would be fine, but... I am obsessed with all accessories, all types of clothing, all types of shoes, makeup and skincare. It means one thing - hoarder!!! I will deal with it one day, hahahaha :) 

When I was browsing Mozimo's website , I came across some amazing handbags by a brand called Gabor. Their designs are really lovely and I would love to own one of the the laser cutout satchels (£64.95). They are so pretty and elegant. 

In summer I prefer canvas bags, like the taupe and beige doctor's bag with brown straps (£55) or nautical designs, like the one with blue, red and white stripes (£55).

I also like more colourful handbags, like the orange one it the top right corner and the multicolour one in the middle. A classic red bag always looks beautiful as well, especially worn with red flats and a white (or black) dress. I am sure that I own every colour already, but  I would't say no to a new bag :) I buy one, every time I go shopping.

The last bag I decided to feature is the one with an orange flap and laser cutout detail. It is simply beautiful and it would look amazing with a floral dress!

Another brand I noticed on Mozimo's website  is called FitFlop. I mentioned before, that I started to put comfort first and I go for flats most of the time. Fitflops are  inspired by the biomechanically engineered shape of the Microwobbleboard and are ergonomically optimised to deliver world-class comfort in a broad range of slimline styles. The technology was originally designed to activate leg muscles through three vertically integrated density shifts, moulded into a seamless, single underfoot piece. 

I am very intrigued and I would love to try FitFlops. As a busy mum, I need super comfortable footwear! The designs are really nice actually, especially the ballerina pumps.

If you like the look of Gabor handbags and FitFlops, I would recommend checking out Mozimo's website (here). They stock shoes, boots, sandals, slippers, handbags, hosiery, socks, shirts, trousers, jeans, foot care, shoe care and more, from brands like Gabor, Peter Kaiser, Camel Active, FitFlop, Manas, Dr. Brinkmann, Mozimo, Wolford, Relax, Chatham, Rapisardi, Le. Credi, Gabor, Woly, Cara of London, Tony Pons, Shoe String...

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  1. My mum just bought her second pair of fitflops if that helps with your decision making! She says they're the comfiest things she's ever had on her feet - and she owns a lot of shoes!


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