Friday, 8 March 2013

Bedroom pretties

You might know that I am in the middle of moving house. We are still looking for a place, but I already started packing and I am trying to let go of some old home decor.
We will be moving out at the beginning of April, so I don't have much time left.

I am thinking of redecorating our bedroom once we move and I will probably ditch the gold and white theme and go for a fresher look with pastel blue and and maybe a touch of yellow.
I will definitely need new pretty bed linen like the Emma Bridgewater Birds Duvet Cover Set (£90.00). I am in love with the beautiful design and the colours are perfect for the bedroom.

I will also pick up some new cushions and cute ornaments to go with the new colour scheme.
All the items I featured are from John Lewis if you were wondering :) I had a browse through their home section and I am ready for a full bedroom makeover right now.

I am also loving the plaques with funny quotes and I will definitely pick them up soon.
"My house was clean last week - sorry you missed it" will be perfect :)

The white Winston Woodpecker wall clock really caught my eye and I like the touch of yellow on it. I am not sure if I could have it in my bedroom though, because I can't stand clocks ticking. Every time we get a new clock, I take the batteries out and never put them back in, haha.

Another thing I really want for our new bedroom is a Diptyque candle. I am not sure what scent I want to buy, but Baies sounds like  a nice combination.

What do you think about this colour scheme? Do you like a touch of blue in bedroom decor?

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  1. I'm literally in love with everything here!

    I've just posted my latest weekly wants:

  2. Some really lovely themes, I love the nautical theme.


  3. I'm redecorating my bedroom at the moment and i am buying all new furniture and decor so this post is kind of perfect for me. I was so interested in the bedcovers~ they are absolutely lovely...until i scrolled down and saw the price and realised it was from Emma bridgewater! I am a big fan of pastel blue too~ Nice and simple colour :) Hope you find a lovely place to move to~

    Thanks for sharing and giving me ideas <3
    Have a lovely day
    X x X x

  4. Hahaha, My hous was clean last week, sorry you misse it. I love that!

  5. I love the colour scheme! The addition of yellow makes it summery too, rather than cold. Also, that clock is awesome!

    Amy| The Little Koala Blog ♥

  6. love emma bridgewater, i really want a mug at least! xo

  7. I'm going to decorate my bedroom soon, I'm loving plaques with funny quotes on! :-) xx

  8. The duvet cover is really nice, great post xx


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