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Guest Post: How to achieve Jennifer Lawrence's fresh-faced look this Spring

Just when you thought cinema was running low on strong, female protagonists, Jennifer Lawrence’s star role as Katniss Everdeen, in the exceptionally popular movie, Hunger Games, really did it for the girls.

Not only is she a trend-setter on the screen, but she’s a true star when it comes to style. Famously, she told Marie Claire magazine that she’d rather appear chubby in films and stay a healthy weight in real life. Also, before the 2011 Academy Awards, she admitted to red carpet reporters that she ate a slice of cheesecake on the journey over.
What a hero!

Tips From Jennifer Lawrence’s Makeup Drawer

When it comes to doing a smoky eye, blacks can look dramatic, but they also shrink your peepers. Take a leaf out of Jennifer’s book and use matte taupes or browns, which are far more flattering.

Time and time again, we see Jennifer supporting the classic cat eye look, much loved by Angelina Jolie – this is a winner for almost anyone, but if you have light colourings, don’t get carried away with black. Always emphasise the structure of your eyes with contouring and shading around the creases, as J-Law always draws attention to her peepers (and quite rightly so).

Tone down the drastic eye makeup if you’re going to make your lips bold, but Jennifer is usually happy to let her eyes do all the hard work, while keeping her lips nude/pink. Match this with a flawlessly feminine, pink blush on the apples of your cheeks to make them appear healthy and rosy.

How To Get Jennifer Lawrence’s Hair

Name a natural hair colour, and it’s likely that Jennifer Lawrence has faked it. This lady isn’t afraid to experiment with different looks; and that’s why she’s up there with our fave red carpet beauties of all time.

Uniformly, we can find our style icon supporting sexy, tousled waves, and if you want this beautiful coiffure, then do it at home. Start by washing your hair, before prepping it with mousse and heat protectant. Blow dry your locks and don’t start curling until all moisture has dissipated.

Wind large segments around a hot iron, as you’re looking for loose, tousled curls, rather than tight, scrunched tresses. Gently separate waves with fingers and then hairspray to set.

Gorgeous Dresses Inspired By A Lovely Lady

At the 2011 Academy Awards, Jennifer set the red carpet on fire, in her crimson, floor-length dress. Effortlessly simple, this low-cut number shows off her wonderful curves to their fullest effect. Don’t be afraid to be the lady in the red dress this spring. With a head of blonde hair, it’s a classic hit for any occasion.

At a Teen Vogue event in 2008, we saw Jennifer rock her inner flower child with a simple one-shoulder dress, matched with a floral headband. With the runways full of striking headbands this season, you can’t go wrong with your own floral hair accessory.

Disclaimer: This post has been contributed by Zoe, a twenty-something beauty blogger who loves to emulate celebrity make-up looks from the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Kristen Stewart and Mila Kunis. For haircare supplies to create your own J-Law look, visit Salons Direct.

photo credit: MingleMediaTVNetwork via photopin cc

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  1. Nice tip for the eye-makeup! J-Law is effortlessly pretty anyways! :) x

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  2. she is stunning! great tips x

  3. She is toooo gorgeous! I see photos of her at events all the time, but I've never actually seen the movie yet, oops!

  4. I love her! Such a natural beauty!

  5. I think, she's such a beautiful and natural young woman! She's one of my girl crushes! (:


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