Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Vivi in Stile in Glasgow

Hi everyone. Last weekend me and my husband went out to test out a  new, interesting app called Vivi in Stile by Peroni. The app was designed to keep you up-to-date with must see places and events in your city. The guides cover London, Manchester, Bristol, Liverpool, Glasgow, Birmingham and Leeds.
I am glad that Glasgow is one of the locations in the app, because I really enjoy browsing through all the interesting articles and I found a couple of places I want to visit. 

So, where did the app take us? Well, we ended up going for a very Italian theme and went to Tony Macaroni for a delicious pizza (each). I took some photos of the food we had, but I misplaced my SD card and I can't share them with you today. I keep losing my memory cards and I have no idea where they are. If I find the photos, I will definitely update this post to show you what we've been up to :)  We had Funghi Fritti for starters - delicious breaded mushrooms stuffed with cheese, served with a salad. For the main, I had a Pollo Piccante Pizza, with mozzarella, chicken and chillies and my husband went for a Toto pizza with mozzarella, pepperoni, chicken and smoked sausage. We had soft drinks instead of wine or alcohol, because my husband was driving and I don't really drink alcohol. I was also in a hurry to go back home to my baby boy, because I am an obsessive mother :) haha. I think I should go out more often and I am sure that we will be going back to Tony Macaroni. The food was delicious, the staff and the atmosphere were lovely and the prices are very affordable.


The Vivi in Stile Peroni app brings together some of the most stylish and influential tastemakers on the  UK and Italian style scenes and contains seasonal in depth articles, features, style advice and city guides. The  majority of  the  content has been written exclusively for Vivi in Stile Peroni by highly influential trendsetters including Antonio Berardi, Giorgio Locatelli, leading cultural e-zine Urban Junkies, top fashion journalist Gianluca Longo and Italian designer Fabio Novembre.

The app provides several different sections full of content bringing Italian style to life:

Stile: A wealth of features, articles and tips from those at the cutting edge of fashion, food and design. Learn about everything from how Italian design has set  the  agenda for the global  interiors scene or how  to choose and wear the perfect suit with panache. You can create your very own Spring/Summer 2012 collection from items personally chosen by the style influencers and have a chance to own it  by sharing it on Facebook.

Esplorare: The most stylish places to enjoy in your city this Spring/Summer– with a plethora of bars, restaurants, boutiques and secret design, foodie and fashion  hotspots chosen by Urban Junkies’ national network of connected and fashion forward tastemakers as well as Gianluca Longo himself. The guides cover London, Manchester, Bristol, Liverpool, Glasgow, Birmingham and Leeds.

Esclusivo: Exclusive rewards, enabling users to apply for access to people, places and experiences that showcase the stylish and aspirational Italian lifestyle.

Vivi in Stile Peroni is the perfect accessory for an unashamedly sociable and stylish season, keeping you up-to-date and in the know with the must see places and events in your city as well as giving an insight into the minds and lives of some of the Italy and the UK’s most influential style experts.

You can download the app for Apple: and Android:

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*disclaimer- I was kindly send a cheque to cover my expenses of
 going out for a meal whilst exploring the Vivi in Stile app.

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