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Maxitone Definity and getting fit in 2013

Hi everyone.

I was lucky to receive a special delivery :) from Best British Bloggers  at the end of December, including a Maxitone Definity Protein Shake, protein crisp bars, exercising equipment and a lovely Molton Brown muscle soak. Fabulous! 
I am very determined to get fit in 2013 and I am not kidding!
I want to be fit and healthy again and happy with myself.  I tried protein shakes before and I really enjoyed them, so I was very excited to try the Definity Toning System from Maxitone

"Definity shakes are tasty high protein drinks, available in chocolate and strawberry flavour. Each serving provides 23 grams of high quality BioMAX whey protein and just 118 calories. Definity shakes are ideal immediately after training as a refreshing and convenient choice to help your body recover.
Definity shakes can also provide an easy way to achieve your daily protein needs and so can be consumed on non exercise days too - perhaps with a piece of fruit as part of a snack or added to your porridge or yogurt for a protein rich, fruity twist."

I was actually planning to exercise every day for a week and have the shakes for breakfast and after my workout, but life got in the way and I wasn't able to do that. We had hospital appointments with Zac etc and it was hectic! I decided to replace my breakfast and lunches with Maxitone shakes and cranberry crisp bars for a full week and see how it goes. I done a proper workout once that week and I would normally suffer for 3 days after, but with the shakes I experienced some pain the next day and two days after I was back to normal. I must add that I haven't exercised  for over 2 months before that :) 

I love the taste of the strawberry Maxitone shake and the crisp bars were nice too. I lost 1 lbs in a week by replacing my breakfast and lunch with a shake and crisp bar, so it was definitely worth it. 
I think that they would be perfect for those who work out regularly and need something to help their body recover. I also like to drink protein shakes instead of a late snack, they are very filling and low in carbs so perfect to keep me going till midnight, when I have some writing to do.

Oh, and the  Electric Pink shaker is so handy! It is perfect for preparing protein shakes and prevents getting those horrible lumps of powder in the shake. 

Maxitone  launched a new project called ‘Thank You Protein’ to find the new 2013 face of the Maxitone brand alongside their other ambassadors. This January they’d like you to share your little wins and pledge your thank you to who, or whatever has helped you to reach your goal.
If you would like to win some amazing prizes, you can find out more about the campaign here.

Ingredients of the shake:

My exclusive January advertiser is Coco from The Beauty Milk


  1. Great feature lovely, as soon as I'm better I am so organising myself an exercise routine out! Going to check out the Maxitone equipment now!

    Eda ♥

  2. Love your pink equipment! I just started the 30 days shred challenge (day 3 today) and I can barely move my legs! So I enjoy reading inspirational posts like your, keeps me going! Here's to being fit!

  3. Good luck with your health resolutions for 2013! I too am trying to get back to a more healthy weight! Life does tend to get in the way though...trying to stay motivated is tough!;)

    xx Louise
    A Little Beauty Luxury

  4. I'm curious. What are the ingredients? This is so important to me :) But those bars look yummy.
    I wish you all the strength with your weight loss progress! I know you can do it!
    You'll see how great you'll feel :)

    X Deja

    1. I added the ingredients of the shake to the post :) all the info is on the Maxitone website.

  5. I wish I had your willpower, I really need to give myself a kick and start getting fit! :) x

  6. The electric ink shaker sounds great! Get some heavier weights though, your handbags much heavier than those and you carry that around all day!

    1. I featured the weights I got in the kit. I use heavier ones for cardio.

  7. Love all this pink equipment, going to have a look at maxitone just now as I really want to try protein shakes etc :)


  8. I really like the Definity shakes I use them a lot, I've never tried the bars though but I might give them a go soon.
    I always feel a lot worse after the gym if I've not been using protein shakes, it helps heal your muscles quicker so its great for post workouts.

  9. ohhh thats one of my biggest solutions for 2013 to get fit) i chose zumba) after this dances i am sooo exhausted, hope we will deal with extra kilos this year)

  10. Wondering how those bars taste?
    Electric shaker definitely sounds great since those powder lumps would just never mix!

    PrettyGloss - makeup, beauty & a lil gibberish

    1. The shaker is not electric :) It is electric pink :) haha
      It has a sieve insert inside to break up all the lumps and it really works. So simple and so effective. I shake the mixture for 30 seconds and there is no lumps :)

  11. This looks amazing! Hope it goes well!! xx

  12. hope all goes well!
    im mega motiviated to lose weight aswell!
    ive been using maxitone products

  13. Great post I love maxitone. You should try the sculptress one as a meal replacement they're a lot thicker and more filling. Also the chocolate flavour is soooo nice. xx


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