Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Recent makeup buys

Hi everyone,

I promised to share my recent makeup buys with you, so here they are :)
I didn't really need anything, except the black Bourjois eyeliner, so there is no explanation for this totally unnecessary haul. I noticed many Jemma Kidd products at very low prices online, so I ordered a couple of things. Look beauty had an offer, where you got a free Pro palette with any order over £10, so I just couldn't resist picking up a new lipstick and eyeshadows. I also placed two orders with MUA, but only one of them arrived so far. I will list everything I bought below. You will probably see reviews of some of the products on my blog in January. I will definitely mention Jemma Kidd eyeshadows and the Clarins and Look Beauty lipsticks. If you have any questions about any of the products I bought, let me know in the comments. 

-Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation
-L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in 012 Endless Chocolat
-Jemma Kidd Eye Essentials Shimmer Shadow 01 Creme
-Jemma Kidd Front Cover Touch Up Concealer 
-Jemma Kidd Eye Wardrobe Quartet in Green
-Jemma Kidd Eye Wardrobe Quartet in Metallica
-Jemma Kidd Powder Blush Duo in Plum & Sand
-Jemma Kidd Mannequin Complexion Enhancer
-Jemma Kidd Cream Duo Silk Eyeshadow
-Jemma Kidd lipstick in shade 03 A-list
- 2 Look Beauty Statement eyes eyeshadows- one is a matte white, one is a shimmery gold
-Look Beauty Pro Palette
-Look Beauty Lipstick in shade Petal Nude
-Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in shade Romance - review here
-Clarins Joli Rouge Lipstick in shade Apricot Sugar
-Stargazer Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Pen in brown
-MUA brush-on concealer 
-MUA Felt eyeliner in black
-Bourjois 16h liquid eyeliner in black
-Bourjois 16h liquid eyeliner in brown
-Bourjois Mineral Radiance Compact Powder
-Barry M Intense Black Eyeliner Pen
-Lily Lolo Mineral Eye colour in shade Deep purple
-NIVEA lip butter- vanilla and macadamia

L-R Look Beauty Petal Nude, Chanel RCS Romance, Clarins Apricot Sugar
I am not impressed with the lipglosses, but the rest is ok.


  1. Oooft, so much pretty stuff :) great post!

    I had no idea Bourjois had the 16hr liner in Brown, will be picking that up pronto! It's thanks to yourself I'm so in love with the black one!

    Christina xo

  2. The Chanel lipstick looks amazing! I want one so bad haha xxx

  3. lovely haul :) so much tempted to see pro palette

  4. Wow. These are a lot of things. I feel like going out to shop now haha. x

  5. some lovely items,love the look of the chanel lippie x

  6. Been wanting to try a Loreal Infalliable shadow for ages!

  7. so many great items! great haul :)


  8. Wow, quite a haul. I love the look of all three of those lippies, especially the Clarins Apricot Sugar. I was hoping to pick up some cut price Jemma Kidd myself, in particular the Light as Air foundation, but can't find it anywhere :(
    Mel x

  9. thanks for sharing the Apricot Sugar lipstick, i've been looking for that colour for days! xx

  10. So many lovely bits, the lipsticks look gorgeous!

    Sophierosehearts x

  11. So many lovely bits.. I really like the look of the Clarins lippie xx

  12. WOW, so many lovely products!! I've been wanting to try out some Jemma Kidd makeup so I may have to go check that out... thanks for sharing :)


  13. The Clarins Apricot Sugar is such a pretty lip color!

  14. Such pretty things sandra! I really like the color of the chanel lipstick xx

  15. Great haul, look forward to your reviews. I really like the look of the chanel lipstick. x

  16. wow great haul! The Clarins lipstick is really pretty :)

  17. the Jemma Kidd blush duo looks lovely! I have the high lighter and bronzer which I love, it's shame her make up line is going bust! xxx

  18. Oh how I love make-up hauls... Too bad I'm too cheap to buy sometimes... -.-
    Looks like you've managed to score some really nice products!
    I look forward to the reviews ! ^^

  19. i love unnecessary hauls haha! so jealous of the chanel lipstick it looks gorgeous! xx

  20. I like the sound of it, 'total unnecessary haul' haha
    Good one!

  21. Have you tried the semi permanent eyebrow pen yet? Is it any good? I really want something better than a standard eyebrow pencil...

    1. I did and I don't like it. It is very hard to use and dries up quickly :( I will review it soon, it isn't what I expected.

    2. Oh okay, thanks for letting me know - I was considering buying it or one similar to try. I'll have a look for something else :) x

  22. Nice haul! I need a colorful palette like that. How do you like Gemma Kid stuff? I want to try.

  23. I want them all, sooo lovely <3

  24. So much stuff!
    I cant wait until Chrsitmas now :P


  25. Ooh that Clarins lipstick shade is beautiful! What a gorgeous stash :)

    Gemma xx

  26. this palette looks great!!


  27. I see some pretty lippies :) Other products looks pretty and nice, too :)
    Can't wait for the reviews :)
    X Deja


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