Wednesday, 1 August 2012


I really like writing my empties posts and the whole idea of using up products, to narrow down the product selection in my beauty cabinet. This month I managed to use up 4 full size products and 2 samples (foundation and a bb cream). Let's hope I can do better next month and use up more body products.

I already reviewed Jasons Super-C range, so if you would like to find out more click here. I really enjoyed using both products, they smell lovely and are perfect to use in the morning, to give my skin a boost of energy.

The no7 makeup remover is one of my favourite products ever and I also reviewed it before here. It is very gentle and removes all traces of makeup with minimal effort. Amazing! I already repurchased it :) and I will keep buying new bottles until it is discontinued. Let's hope it never happens :)

Vichy Normaderm anti-imperfection concentrate is my saviour! the 15ml tube lasted for over a year and it works wonders on breakouts! I need to buy a new one asap! I can't live without it, especially when my skin is going through crazy changes when I am losing weight. I tend to get more breakouts when I exercise and eat less calories :/

The UNE foundation is quite good, it is very light, gives medium coverage and a nice, healthy glow to my face. I don't need a new foundation at the moment, so I won't be buying the full size, but I will consider it for the future. You can get it from Boots for £12.49.

L'Oreal BB cream is ok, nothing special to be honest. It  gives light/sheer coverage and doesn't cover any imperfections. I thought that BB creams are meant to make your skin looking flawless...


  1. Great post. I Love reading empties posts and a brief summary of what people thought of them. I am trying to use up some of my products too because i realised i have so many lying around waiting to be finished. The no7 makeup remover seems to be quite good so i may have to pick that up when i next have the No.7 vouchers :) Thanks for sharing and i look forward to next months empties xoxo

  2. It is the most satisfying feeling getting rid of products! I love throwing things away, as strange as that sounds!

  3. Love empties posts Sandra! Do you happen to have a review of the vichy norma derm on your blog? I'd love to hear more about it! :)

    xx Veronica

  4. I love your blog...its to welcoming...

  5. I really want to try the No7 eye make up remover, good to see another good review about it x

  6. Great post, I love this kind for reading. I've tried the L'Oreal BB cream too and didn't like it that much
    Daniella x

  7. I love an empties post, my favourite type to read! That Vichy anti-imperfection concentrate sounds good. I keep hearing great things about the Origins spot gel, although can't bear to part with the pennies for how much it costs!

  8. I found the No7 makeup remover a little too greasy for me which is a shame as with the £5 voucher its so cheap. I have always wanted to try the UNE foundation as i have heard alot of great things about it.


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