Monday, 30 July 2012

White bedroom furniture

When it comes to interior design, I can spend hours looking on websites with beautiful furniture and dream about redecorating the full house again :) The room I am working on at the moment is the master bedroom. The colours I picked for it are white and gold and I really like this combination. If money was no object I would definitely splurge on new furniture, because the wardrobe I am using at the moment is far too small. I would also like to replace my dressing table with a new one and redecorate the guest bedroom.
I have been browsing through Oldrids & Downtown website and I picked my dream bedroom furniture. I like simple designs in white, because they look really fresh and make the room look more spacious. What are the colours you picked for your master bedroom?

1. Signature Mirror £179
2. Cameo Dressing Table £269
3. Cameo 3 Door Wardrobe £499
4. Paris Double Bedframe £299
5. Cameo 3 Drawer Bedside Chest £99


  1. My dream bedroom funiture:)

  2. I love white interiors! :) I have a white theme in my bedroom.. :D


  3. I talked my mum into all white furniture for my bedroom and i love it! I've seen some pretty good DIY jobs on tv shows over the years (obsessed with cheesey home decor programmes) where you can get some old pine piece of furniture and sand it down and give it a few coats of white if you were on a budget, some of the things wound up looking lovely! xx

  4. I love white furniture for the bedroom, I have white french shabby chic furniture in mine :) these pieces look lovely, love the bed.
    Great blog, now following :)

    Jo. x

  5. These are gorgeous!! The furniture in my room is all white too but my room is small, just picturing these in a big room: dream come true!! XOXO

  6. I looove the white :-) I have dark mahogany furniture in my room. I wish I had of bought all white though and decorated it with pastels. Oh well haha :-) xo

  7. I love white furniture :)

  8. The colour scheme for my room is black and white and I'm so glad I picked white furniture over black. Watch out though, a white dressing table doesn't stay white for long. I'm forever cleaning make up and nail polish off mine haha x

  9. White furniture is my favorite too! I don't have it right now because I live with my parents, but when I get my own place, my apartment will be WHITE! :D

    Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

  10. Very, very nice set. I would add only ottoman storage bed . Funtionality is a key.


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