Saturday, 2 June 2012


Hi everyone!

I managed to use up quite a lot of products this month and I am really proud of myself :) haha
Here is everything I finished in May.

1.TIGI Rockaholic Livin' The Dream Daily Conditioner- I got it from TKmaxx for £3.99( bargain!) and I am planning to repurchase it here. It is such a great conditioner that gives my hair a boost of energy and smells amazing!!! I can use it allover my hair without worrying that it will leave the roots greasy. I can't wait to get another bottle!

2.Herbal Essences fresh balance shampoo- it is good for removing product build up, like hair spray etc... but it is very drying for my hair and scalp, so I won't be buying it again.

3.Lush Helping hands cream (link)- I really liked the way it made my hands nice and smooth, but I just couldn't cope with the smell. It was very weird, I can't describe it to be honest. I was very disappointed with it, as everything else from Lush smells lovely.

4.Olivella professional Salon conditioner- another TKmaxx bargain, 500ml for £7.99. The best conditioner I have ever tried and it lasted me for over a year! I found a link to it here. It smells amazing and every time I used it I felt like I had a salon treatment!

5.Rituals ZenSation Shower Gel (link)- I loved using it, but I can't imagine the amount of SLS it contains, to get so foamy! I actually thought that Rituals is a natural brand and free from nasty ingredients, until I noticed SLS on the list... It's a shame really, because it is s a lovely products and I would repurchase it if it was made with more carefully selected, natural ingredients.

6.Avon Foot Works Brown Sugar and Vanilla Scrub (link)- it is very effective at removing rough skin and it smells lovely and sweet. I am sure I paid £2 for it from Unfortunately it is not available from their website anymore.

7.Paul Mitchell Smoothing Balm (link)- Unfortunately, this product made my hair feel and look greasy. I had to wash my hair again the same day, because it looked horrible!

8.Yves Rocher Night Lotion- link - I got this as a present from my friend and I loved it! It is soothing and very hydrating - perfect for summer.

9.Optrex Acimist (link)- I love this stuff! When my eyes feel tired and dry, I just spray it onto closed eyes and it makes a big difference. I need to buy a new bottle asap.

10.Lancome Tonique Doceur (link)- I like to use it when I don't wear makeup, as it cleans and tones my skin at the same time. I got it with my Lancome order, as they always send 3 gifts if you spend a certain amount on their products.
11.Footworks Cooling Cherry spray (link)- great for summer, when I wear sandals and I need to refresh my tired feet. It has an instant cooling effect and smells lovely!

12.Body Scrub- no name :) the label peeled off when I was using it - it is the one in the right bottom corner. I got it from Tkmaxx. It does a great job at exfoliating, but it smells horrible, so I wouldn't buy it again.


  1. I could do with doing the same! Massive fan of Tigi myself, can you recommend any more shampoo/conditioner by them.

    Also, began my blog today; as many subscribers as possible would be appreciated!

  2. I'm trying to do this post but I can't use up this much products! xx

  3. I definitely have to try out your no. 3 hand cream

  4. I absolutely LOVE herbal essences. It's so weird how some products work for some people and not others because it seems to be the best one I've tried on my hair! :)x

  5. I am impressed you got through so much this month!! I am rubbish at getting through products!

  6. With you on the irritation caused by 'natural' brand names! x

  7. Wow you got through a lot of stuff this month, I've been tempted by the TIGI items in TkMaxx before!


  8. i agree with you..and expensive brand to still use SLS..tut tut x


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