Monday, 28 May 2012

My latest 5 minute DIY - cute flower headband

I made this cute flower headband today to match my new DIY skirt. It is really simple.

1.You will need a plain headband, ribbon or a long strip of fabric, thread and needle (or glue) and some plastic flowers to attach to the headband.
2.Wrap the ribbon around the headband, securing it with thread or glue.
3.Make a flower out of leftover ribbon (any shape you want) and attach the plastic flowers.

Would you like to see more DIY posts on my blog?
I was thinking: DIY Mondays :)
Let me know...
and stay tuned for a new fabulous giveaway!!!


  1. Taaak! Poniedziałki DIY - świetny pomysł!
    Yeees! DIY mondays - great idea!

  2. cute :D
    i love DIY stuff too :)

    check and follow my blog meybi:

    xoxo, Nina

  3. This is really cute and pretty :) x

  4. Love it and YES to DIY Mondays! :)

  5. Yay! to DIY! I love this idea, definitely will be trying it with my extra neon yellow and orange shoelaces. :D

  6. More DIY posts, of course! Nice job girl <3


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