Friday, 27 April 2012

Apicare Manuka Honey Lip butter with pomegranate review

Hi everyone!
I was planning to add my April Glossybox review today, but... I got the red "Something for you" card through the door :/ I don't know how that happened. I was in all day... I will pick up the parcel tomorrow and review my box on Sunday.
Here is a quick review of Apicare lip butter I have been using for over a week. I wrote a review of Apicare moisturisers before, so feel free to have a look here.

Apicare Manuka Honey Lip Butter with pomegranate 8g* £7.50 link

INFO: This 100% natural lip balm contains NZ beeswax, active UMF 16+ Manuka honey, plant oils and plant butters to hydrate and moisturise your lips, with the added benefit of a natural sunscreen to protect.
Key benefits:Natural zinc oxide provides SPF15 protection from damaging UVA and UVB rays. Pure New Zealand Beeswax and active UMF16+ Manuka honey work with natural plant oils & butters to give a thick, creamy long lasting lip balm. Pure essential oils give a yummy subtle flavour to this lip balm.
MY OPINION: I really like this lip balm/butter. It is highly moisturising and leaves my lips really soft and smooth. I use it anytime I feel like my lips need moisture, about 5 times a day :)
Like other Apicare products, you need the tiniest amount so it will last for a few months if I keep using it 5 times a day. The flavour and scent are delicate and all natural. It contains SPF 15 so you don't need to worry about sun protection :) The consistency is quite thick when it comes out of the tube, but as soon as you put it on your lips it melts and feels lovely and smooth. I noticed that consistency changes in different temperatures, the colder it is, the thicker it gets.
It also gives my lips a nice light pink(ish) sheer. Gorgeous!
I also like the packaging, you need to admit- it is really cute.


  1. It looks quite thick, does it feel sticky or anything? xx

    1. It doesn't feel sticky. It melts in contact with your skin. It feels really nice.

  2. This sounds lovely! Lip balm is a total must-have for me xo

  3. oh nice, i have very dry lips ;-(

  4. It looks so soothing, I definitely could use a heavy lip balm - my lips get so dry when the seasons change!

    The Urban Umbrella

  5. Sounds lovely, Love the packaging too.

  6. The packaging is really sweet - and its great that you only need a small amount to work.

  7. This sounds so good, I am addicted to lipbalms :) I have to have this! Ixx

  8. Cute lipbalm :) Pomegranate smells soo good i think :)

  9. Looks so amazing! i want to try it out now!

  10. This balm sounds lovely..pomegranate all the way! :D I'll have a look out for it. x

  11. I think the packaging on this is sooooo adorable! Love it! xo


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